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Bluetooth integrated karaoke microphone

Bluetooth integrated karaoke microphone

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Professional tuning of American voice algorithm

  • Professional-grade K song DSP chip, with sound card-grade American sound algorithm, the sound is full and beautiful.
  • 9.7mm large amplitude cardioid directional radio Mic, high sensitivity guarantees radio quality.
  • 360° omnidirectional sounding speaker
  • The sound is omni-directional, the sound effect is even, and the sound is warm and not harsh.
  • 8 kinds of sound effects + 2 kinds of ambient sound effects
  • Special preset 8 special sound effects, funny and funny, folk song reverberation, diverse gameplay, and full of fun. In addition, there are two kinds of ambient sound effects, applause and cheers.
  • Compatible with most mainstream music platforms and K song software on the market, sharing massive resources.
  • It can sing continuously for 4 hours at 70% volume on a single charge.
  • The microphone is equipped with a USB-C charging port, which is more compatible, convenient and easy to use.
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