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Infinity Kappa 123WDSSI Series 12" car subwoofer

Infinity Kappa 123WDSSI Series 12" car subwoofer

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    • All-around excellence

      With their rugged construction and sophisticated engineering, Infinity's Kappa subwoofers excel in a variety of applications, equally at home in ported or sealed enclosures. These dependable subs feature switchable impedance so they'll always fit into your system, and they'll handle plenty of power so they'll deliver powerful, accurate bass. Plus, Infinity protects these subs with an impressive 3-year warranty.

      Selectable impedance

      Infinity's Kappa 123WDSSI 12" subwoofer features the unique Selectable Smart Impedance design, which lets you build exactly the system you want without complicated wiring. Just flip the convenient impedance switch to safely choose between 2 or 4 ohms. If you're thinking about upgrading your amplifier or adding another sub down the line, this sub makes it easy to reconfigure — and it's nearly impossible to wire incorrectly.

      Rugged construction

      This sub handles plenty of power and sounds great in sealed or ported enclosures. Infinity's proprietary aero-cooling design helps keep the 2" voice coil cool. The acoustically damped glass-fiber cone minimizes distortion, giving you nothing but pure bass. And the steel basket provides a solid base for the sub, which handles up to 500 watts RMS. Infinity's Kappa subwoofers are known for their sound quality, and they offer the wiring versatility you need to build a system for your changing needs.

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